Friday 10 May 2013


And then the end; when even death is quenched,
The great bereaver ultimately bereft,
All enmity, perpetually dispelled
And God has rendered Him His recompense
As under Him all things are subjected;
Thus we will see this final excellence
When He gives up to God the kingdom then
And He, the Son, is subjected Himself:
So in the sight of all the universe
God’s ultimate will grandly be expressed -
In Him God’s purpose finds its eternal rest:
God all in all, supreme and immanent.

This concludes the 120 parts of "Touching the King" which I have have been posting since the beginning of this year. As I wrote when I first finished writing it, several years ago, 
"What came with prayer, comes to you with prayer, to join with your prayer".
Grace be with you all, and thank you for the encouraging remarks.

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