Saturday, 18 May 2013


What is man? – that old Adam,
Fushionless as tiller and guard –
And the son of man...? – One
Who has sown and reaped; One
Who is securer and protector:
The true Adam.

But we see Jesus – faith grasping
More than a true report – and the splendour
Of the accompaniments of royalty,
Because the Lord His God delighted
In Him, – crowned with glory
And honour: the true Solomon.

Once the warrior led God's people
To an earthly inheritance, having
Suffered along with them: One now,
The leader of our salvation, leads
The “many sons to glory” -
The true Joshua.

Now the One who makes reconciliation,
And the Head of the priestly family,
Glad of our association with Him,
Having taken His place with them,
Merciful and faithful High Priest
Is the true Aaron.

A prophet the He would be like
Shepherded His people from bondage,
Having declared Jehovah's name:
Now He declares the fuller light
– The Father's name – to His brethren
As the true Moses.

If someone who had known the shadow
Of death, and the brightness of regality,
Was the sweet psalmist of Israel,
Who but Christ, who invaded death,
And dwells now in God's light, could sing
As the true David?

The father of all who believe traversed
The land where his seed would dwell. The Lord,
Expressing, “I will trust in him”, journeyed
That the children God gave Him should be
Wonders too, dwelling in faith's demesne,
Is the true Abraham.


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