Sunday, 5 August 2012


He left this to no prentice hand  
The Master toiled, day upon day
Himself. Ages ago he planned
This vessel. See the splendid way

The light reflects   that's since the ore
Was purified by Him. He used
Purification none before
Could have applied to it. He mused

On how the metal worked and beat,
Harshly, we thought, the basic form;
We wondered, seeing it complete,
Already structured to conform

To what was in his mind. But next
He tapped a gentler quicker rate
Till no one else saw how his text
Varied from it. But, consummate

In craftsmanship, unsatisfied,
He saw an imperfection here
Or there and deftly reapplied
His hammer. He would persevere

For hours. Till after beating one
Last perfect stroke he gave a deep
Contented sigh   "The work is done:
This is a vessel I will keep."

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  1. David,

    Your words continue to inspire and lift up God's glory. Have you considered having these published?

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

    P.S. Thanks for always leaving such amazing and encouraging posts whenever you stop by!


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