Wednesday 1 August 2012


Father, Thy glory radiating out
Around the vast creation Thou hast planned
Bows us as in its splendid rays we stand;
Removes from us unfaithfulness and doubt.
Only through Jesus can we enter in:
But for His work we would be lost in night.
Now through His work we too are His delight;
The sinless One removed, for Thee, our sin.

In Thine own nature Thou art ever love;
Thou art revealed in Christ, Thy well‑loved Son.
Only as in the worth of that blest One
May we be brought before Thyself above.

To Thee belongs the worship of our heart
For the magnificence of all Thou dost;
Now, to Thy glory, sons, a loving host
Respond for all Thy works and all Thou art.


  1. I have to admit, when I posted this, I had only scan read it! I just wanted to get it out! I read it now, Wow! God has truly blessed you and and the Pen from where it has come!

    1. God has truly blessed me: I trust that my pen can bring some blessing to others.


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