Saturday, 11 August 2012


Oh what can we say of Thee, Father?
Thy greatness exceedeth our praise:
Yet Thou in Thy grace
Hast found us a place
Through Thine own ineffable ways.

We think of the glory of purpose
Before all creation began
That Thou shouldst acquire
What thou didst desire  
Thy sons brought to Thee in one Man.

We wonder at what it has cost Thee
For Thou didst not spare Thine own Son;
Thy love is displayed
In what Thou hast paid:
We praise thee for all Christ has done.

And Thou art the Father of glory
Whom Jesus rejoiced to proclaim
But we are drawn near
Where love casts out fear
To praise thy most glorious Name.

Thy power and Thy glory excelleth,
Thy wisdom comes down from above;
Yet wisdom and might
Secured Thy delight
Since both were subservient to love.

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