Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Blest Spirit, help increase my appetite
For Jesus whom Thou dost present as food;
I long to savour more of this delight
Since I have tasted that the Lord is good.

Thou didst, blest Spirit, open up my ear
To hear the Saviour when I was astray;
Help me to listen and have ears to hear
Thy word to the assemblies day by day.

Though Moses died His eyesight did not dim -
O Spirit of the Lord control my sight
That with my eyes exclusively on Him
My body always may be full of light.

The Lord of life has touched me in my need:
He lifted me and set me up through grace -
Blest Spirit, help me handle well I plead
The substance of this elevated place.

A life entirely for the Father's will
And death entirely to the Father's mind
Rose as a fragrance - may, blest Spirit, still
Such fragrance rise from those Thou hast refined.

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  1. Since I have tasted of the Lord and know that He is good, I pray that the Lord will increase my appetite for Him each day, that I will never want to commence the day without my banquet of Him.

    God Bless you David, as you continue to glorify the Lord, blessing others and yourself with your verses.


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