Wednesday, 18 January 2012


No other name has the prestige,
And none could ever have the lustre,
Of His who is my Lord and Liege.

Above men’s pettiness and bluster
More than a snow-capped mountain peak:
These are some plaudits it can muster -

Splendid, all-conquering, unique,
Tender, attractive and sublime.
It is beyond what men can seek,

It cannot fade with death and time
But billows forward like a banner.
It tells of God’s great paradigm

Of what will last in grace and manner
Before the Father for His pleasure.
And as the Father is the planner

In realms that are beyond man’s measure
He is the One who has secured
His own as God’s eternal treasure;

And it is He who has endured
The cross with all its pain and shame,
And He by whom we are allured:

Jesus! there is no nobler Name!
Jesus! will have unending fame!

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