Saturday, 14 January 2012


Blest Son of God, Thou holy One above,
In whom both love and light with truth combine;
Seated and crowned in yonder world of love,
In Thy blest face we see God's glory shine.
We bless The for the love which brought Thee down
From Godhead glory to the cross of woe!
Thou who on earth as Man didst win renown,
For Thou by death didst Satan's power lay low.
Thy cross, blest Lord! what unsearched depths of love
Are told, when God's sharp judgement-sword awoke!
And, darkness all around, from Him above
On Thee, O Saviour, fell the dreadful stroke!
"'Tis finished!" See the Father glorified,
Whose glory claimed Thee from the gloomy grave!
Exhalted we behold Thee at His side,
The crownèd Victor, mighty now to save.
I enjoyed this hymn by E H Chater (1845-1915) and thought I would share it.

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