Thursday, 22 September 2011


We praise our God and Father who ordained
His pleasure should be centred in one Man,
And that that Man should be the Son, and that
The Son should lead back myriads of sons;
His pleasure prospers now in Jesus’ hands
And we perceive the Father’s character -
Made known in His beloved Son  - but known
In having such a One as His Beloved.
We bless our God and Father who has blessed
Us and has made us fit to share the place,
The portion and the dignity of sons
In light; for light is His eternal sphere
And light is what surrounds Him in the house
Where we are with Him, and He has made known
Himself in Christ who is Himself the Light.

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  1. Praise God that not only does He love us enough to have given His only begotten Son as the perfect sacrifice to pay our sin debt, but also that all who repent and have faith in His resurrection have eternal life as His adopted sons and joint heirs with Christ! (The way you phrased it was far more glorious than that)! David, I am blessed by your blog and will follow it, and I invite you to follow mine, Saved by Grace ( )


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