Friday, 16 September 2011


When did the Spirit descend?
When Christ was throned in glory.
Proof of that place He was sent
To men who approved that enthronement.
Christ would not leave them bereft
But sent as bond and clothing
Power from on high for their help.

Who had ordained that descent?
Being the Spirit of God
He came by right, of Himself;
Yet as out-poured by the Lord
He has His place here as sent,
While at the father's accord
Given at Jesus' request.

Where has He found His abode?
He has no home on the earth
Nor within structures or stones.
He dwells in hearts of the men
Christ has secured as His own:
In these the Spirit can rest
Letting affections find scope.

What means has the Spirit used?
Patience and weakness and toil.
He uses the lamp of truth
Seeking recalcitrant coin
Till profit to God accrues.
All that in men God enjoys
In meekness the Spirit produced.

Which persons provided His place?
Those who the Spirit selects
By right of sovereignty;
Those who have made their request
As moved by the Spirit to pray;
Those in whome grace has effect,
Whom God knows, those who obey.

How do they know His presence?
Christ is enthroned in the heart;
Life is enjoyed in blessing,
Linked with the glorified Man;
Springs of God's love are welling,
Deep in the innermost part;
Power come to judge the fleshly.

And why has the Spirit come?
To bring the heavenly Man
A bride to enjoy His love
And fill the need of His heart;
To find, for the Father, sons
Whom God eternally planned
Would share the Beloved's worth.

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