Thursday, 1 September 2011


If the wind blows where it will
Why did it blow upon me?
Touched by the sovereign Wind
Now there is life that is real;
Lacking that wonderful birth
All that the Spirit reveals
Would have been lost to my mist.

If I am conscious of life
Pulsing within me towards God
It must be life that's divine.
What, by the Spirit, is wrought,
Quickened together with Christ,
He will be sure to conform
Unto Christ's image, in fine.

If I experience joy
While I am still in this world,
So that my spirit is warmed,
This is because of His work:
Now He is shedding abroad
God's own ineffable love
Where in my heart He is lodged.

If I am able to cry
Using the voice of a son
- Words, "Abba Father", arise
Answering touches of love -
This is by power I derive
Through what the Spirit now does
And His abundant supply.

If I need guidance to move
Into more spiritual realms
Fleshliness must be eschewed -
None can approach them unless
Led by the Spirit of truth;
He who has searched in the depths
Gives me the power to pursue.

If I am joined to the Lord
Gaining His impulse within,
Answering here to His thoughts,
It is the Spirit who links;
If with the saints Christ has bought
Fellowship now can exist
It is the Spirit who bonds.

If I am soon vivified,
Even my body transformed,
Who is such quickening by?
Not merely "by" - but "because"!
Since God's own Spirit is live
In me what would be a corpse
Will be, like Christ, glorified.

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