Tuesday 2 March 2010


Advancing, undaunted,
Jesus, portrayed by John,
Face down the Pharisees,
Faced Pilate, went forth - to
Golgotha - bearing the cross; lion
Turning not aside for any.

But Mark shows Him advancing
In service; forthright still
For God's will and men's blessing,
Bound to bondmanship, caring,
Doing all things well - one
Girt in the loins.

Reverting to prayer, reverting,
As custom, to the mount of Olives
He went - in Luke's account -
Separated from sinners, yet for them,
With the stately step right
For the he-goat.

On the royal line,
Legally and morally, goes
In divinely chosen comeliness
Through Matthew's account: a king -
Then, now, and coming - against whom
None can rise up.

Anand, Gujarat, 10 February 2010

There are three [things] which have a stately step, and four are comely in going: The lion, mighty among beasts, which turneth not away for any; a [horse] girt in the loins; or the he-goat; and a king, against whom none can rise up. Proverbs 30 29-31

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  1. hmmmm .... makes me ponder!!!
    I really love the way you make things clear in a simple, yet profound way...


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