Tuesday 16 March 2010


I picked up a book of
“Poems about God”: there was
Some sense and wonder but
It did not give a pure note
Because it missed
The Man who best knows love.


  1. Yes, poems about God are best written by those who truly know Him, or long to know Him, or hunger to know Him.

    Thank you for gracing my blog with your visit the other day.


  2. Hi David:)

    Greetings and good wishes:)

    Any poem about God should include Son of God, Jesus Christ.

    The central theme of the Bible is love. And God so loved the world that HE sent HIS only begotten SON to save mankind.

    God made Adam and Eve out of love. Even when they disobeyed HIM ang HE had to drive them away from the garden of Eden, HE did not forsake them. HE sent several phophets to bring mankind back to HIM.When they refused to listen to the prophets, HE sent HIS only Son to save mankind. So the central theme of the BIBLE is LOVE.

    Have a nice day David:)


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