Monday 15 March 2010


When puissant Bruce had freed his land,
With Edward's myriads overthrown
By cunning, strategy and force,
He justly claimed it for his own
And ruled amid his clamant court
A leper on a throne.

When Arthur led his gallant knights
To aid and vindicate the just
Who, having formerly despaired,
Acclaimed a monarch they could trust
His host contained Modred his bane
The product of his lust.

And when King David was supreme
From the Euphrates to the sea,
While subjugated nations brought
Silver and gold at his decree,
Within his homeland Absalom
Attained a high degree.

No monarch, great, or good, or just,
Suffices in his quality
To exercise before his God
An undiminished sovereignty;
Apart from Christ whose reign reflects
His own nobility.


  1. hi David!
    this poem, is it a ballad?
    i have always love ballads but i have never read such a good one as this!
    in my high school days, i memorized "the ballad of dick turpin" we all had to memorize a poem to recite in front of the whole class.
    this was in my unsaved days, but i still felt that there was one word in there that i had to change. i just substituted it for another and i knew that the kids would make fun of me but i didn't care.
    it had over twenty verses in it..

    if this godly poem of yours had been around, i am sure i would have memorized and recited it!
    you see, we were able to pick out any poem that we wanted, be it short or long.
    i think what i will do is try my hand at memorizing YOUR poem David and there will be no words that i will have to substitute!!
    this poem says it all..that the Lord Jesus is the King of kings!!!!!!!!!!
    ....from terry

  2. I love this poem of yours, I don't know what it is but it is really really good.
    well written, I found myself singing it.


  3. Thanks; the original ballads were from the Scottish borders and mainly in stories. They were also anonymous. They had the great virtue of simplicity of expression. So this isn't true ballad for a few reasons, but maybe it has a little of their simplicity.

    Grace be with you all!


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