Thursday, 8 September 2022


 If I carved a stone for him

It would be in the rosy

Peterhead granite.

The memories evoke

Warmth and ruggedness; brow

Crumpled, flesh pinched by salt wind.

A canny man - yet one

He left that hulk, the Muckle Kirk,             [big church]

To go to Jesus.

Perhaps ower canny - gentle,             [over cautious]

So that death came

Of a broken heart.

Yet the stone stands, something

In time's mist; remember


With Christ.

This recalls my grandfather who I can only vaguely remember.  He lived in Peterhead and spoke broad Scots.  You can't exactly translate Scots to English.

Fisherfolk statues in Stornoway; the Peterhead drifters fished seasonally from Stornoway.


  1. Beautiful memorial reflection, David. Please know that millions of us in America are mourning the death of Queen Elizabeth. There will never be another one like her. May we all celebrate her life lived in service of and love for her country.

    1. Thank you; and she served her King (and ours) too.


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