Saturday, 3 September 2022

Arise Early

 A few more from Lewis

Arise early,

Serve God devoutly,

Then to thy work, busilie,

To thy meate joyfully,

To thy bed merilie,

And though thou fare poorly,

And thy lodgings homelie,

Yet thank God highly.

Katherine Dowe (before 1588)


  1. Amen. Praise the Lord always.

    God bless.

  2. I see the Jacob theme running through several recent posts. Was surprised to see a poem by someone else. Hope your time in India is blessed. I hear the Christians there are having a bad time again.

    1. Thanks; I've taken a liking to some early women Christian poets I hadn't heard of till recently.

  3. Thanks for this good poem and thanks for encouragement at my blog, which I haven't been updating as much. For some reason, I'm locked out of leaving comments with my Google account, even at my own blog. Maybe Google's misinformation team was offended by something I wrote. Truth is a dangerous thing these days. Or maybe I'm just experiencing an innocent programming error.

    Jim Swindle


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