Thursday, 27 August 2020

As He was taken by constraining force

The Coast of Scottish Borders from Cove to Siccar Point


As He was taken by constraining force

And from all semblance of true equity

His captors were not those men thought as course,

But those marked by refined iniquity;

What generations spring from such a Man,

Cut off and having nothing in the land?

Of those who live?  He has no partisan

Or fellow who can truly understand.


So for the Jews’ transgressions He was struck

But all may cling by faith to Jesus’ work

Through which God is omnipotent to save;

But if the hand of Jesus was to pluck

Brands from the fire, and from the sins that lurk

The Lord must lie in His appointed grave.

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  1. Hi David,
    you put up lots of posts and I love coming over to see them, even if it may not be so often as you put them up. Your pics and poems are always lovely. Thank you for sharing your God given gift.God bless you.


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