Monday, 16 January 2012


In light unclouded dwells the mighty God,
His glory all creation doth proclaim;
A Spirit - love and light, the Holy One -
Who is, who was, who it to come, the Same!
The only glorious, the eternal God,
Who ever lived before beginnings were!
All heaven's constellations pale before
The glory of the One who set them there!
The Triune God, almighty, yet unseen;
The ever holy, holy, holy One
Whose word existence to creation gave,
When dwelling in eternity alone!
What joy it is to contemplate Thyself
In Christ revealed, the everlasting God!
To learn Thy wisdom, search Thy matchless grace;
To worship Thee, as saints redeemed by blood!

To see Thy glory in the face of Christ,
And without let enjoy - in heav'n above,
In realms of cloudless light and joy and peace -
Thine own unending, changeless, perfect love!

Another great E.H. Chater hymn.  You can find more at:

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  1. Yes, beautiful hymn! Oh, God's love is just beyond description!


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