Thursday, 16 September 2021


Satan, the flesh, and sin, in their own fashions

Have clashed against me to disturb my soul;

But I turn to the Father of compassions,

The God of all encouragements, and roll

My burden on the One who will console;

In spite of ills my foes seek to impart

The Father of compassions binds my heart.

2 Cor 1: 3

The Pap of Glencoe at the end of the glen famous for the massacre.


  1. "The Father of compassion binds my heart . . ."
    So thankful for our Father who loves us so deeply. Blessings, David!

  2. Decided to share 3 poems, The Father of Spirits, The Father of Light, The Father of Compassions. Got a pic of you from a post that I'd seen in the past. Am adding modified info from your Blogger profile. Will publish tomorrow. Let me know when you see it if you want me to change anything. If you want me to let you see before I publish it, I can do that by sending you a link to a OneDrive file. Sandi


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