Tuesday 6 July 2021


 By St Mary's Loch, Scottish Borders

Your heavenly Father knows that you have need

And therefore He will graciously provide

With clothes to wear, and bread on which to feed.

He is the One in whom you may confide,

As you set sins against yourself aside;

And all the wealth of heaven comes in view

Because Christ's heavenly Father planted you.

I have been pondering on the way in which the Lord Jesus brings out the truth of relationships with the Father.  This verse refers to Matthew 6: 32, 6: 14, 15: 13.


  1. He is a good Father!
    I also wish you a blessed month of AV!! The Hebrew month that also means `Father`, or `Abba` begins Friday.

    1. Thanks. Interesting: may you be blessed in it too.


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