Monday, 12 July 2021


When you give alms let your left hand not know

What your right hand does; for "thy Father" sees

In secret: He discerns what you bestow.

Close yourself in when you bow down your knees:

"Thy Father" only is the One to please;

And do not fast for other men to see:

"Thy Father's" grace "shall render it to thee".

Matthew 6: 1; 6: 6; 6: 18

"Thy" rather than "your" is singular.


  1. You mean it is specifically about the Father and not about the triune Godhead?

  2. May all that we do be to please our loving Father.
    Blessings, David!

  3. You mean my note? What I mean is that in English modern English "you" can be singular or plural. The older English in the bible translation I normally use distinguishes "you" which is plural: the Father as Father of all believers on the Lord Jesus; and "thy" which is singular and means that I know as an individual the Father as my Father.


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