Wednesday, 1 July 2020

For he was cut off out of ...

He who saw Jehovah's goodness
In the land of the living;

Who had walked with Jehovah
In the land of the living;

Who said, Thou art my refuge ...
In the land of the living;

Was cut of out of
The land of the living.

Psalm 27: 13
Psalm 116: 9
Psalm 142: 5
Isaiah 53: 8



  1. Thank you for this sharing and your verses with exploring *land of the living* and His being *cut off* from the land of the living. I am looking at the verses and find it so interesting. In Hebrew *land of the living* contains the word *chai* which is *life* and of course Yeshua is Life. Blessings on your verses and searches into His word.

    1. Thank you; I've been going over and over Isaiah 53 this year, and you notice what depth there is in every expression. It must be specially precious to a Jew who has trusted in Jesus.


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