Thursday, 19 December 2019


How shall this be? the virgin asked

When told of how she had been tasked.

The Spirit Gabriel said, shall be

On thee, and power will shadow thee.

Where is the King? the magi said,

Expecting some soft royal bed;

His star led to the Lord of all

Laid in a manger in a stall.

Who then is this? whispering in awe

Those on the sea with Jesus saw

The calm His speaking spread abroad

And recognised the Son of God.

When shall He die? the world replied,

Only content when Jesus died;

Yet we can gladly understand

The time, and death, were in Gods hand.

Why dost thou weep? The risen Man

In care that was not other than

Care shown before - while now He could

Bring saints into new realms of good.

What shall I do? the jailed called,

Fearing as one whom sin enthralled;

No longer fearful and depraved,

Through faith in Jesus he was saved.

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