Wednesday, 25 January 2017


He was what he ate: not
The adulterated food of Chaldea
Fit for a - heathen - king
But the simple, pure, pulse.

The lion “king of beasts”:
Yet they were to form
His court; there he stood, ennobled,
Lionised in their company.

If the word of God left him
Astonied, the word of God
Was the tower of strength
To speak truth to tyranny.

Amid the stench of a court
Here was a person so just
That no tinge of it clung to
A man, right with his God.

Thus he continued. Kings
Tried or fumbled the reins;
He, upright before his God,
Was “One greatly beloved”.


  1. Hey David, Two people come to mind, as I read this. Ones who loved God with all their hearts, David and John. Seeing how great David was, even having to deal with war, all the time, can you imagine how much better, he could have been, if he was able to dedicate his time fully to the true love of his life? Just a thought for our own lives.

    1. Interesting; John was the disciple whom Jesus loved, David, the beloved and Daniel "one greatly beloved", chap 9:23.

    2. I forgot about Daniel. The funny thing is that I was just reading Daniel. :-)

  2. It will be nice to not have our attention divided in heaven! :)


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