Monday, 23 January 2017


Genesis 28 & 37

The place made Jacob's flesh recoil
In face of things which were divine;
Yet, if he first poured only oil
Returning he poured oil and wine.

The Spirit graciously portrays
Himself as substance to deploy
To honour God and as God's ways
Adjust our souls we give God joy.

And substance whereby God anoints
The saints He chooses to refine
To fill the places He appoints,
Whose hearts are glad, and faces shine.


  1. Nice! If I may, your verse inspired me to write the following.

    The House of God
    From here to there
    Angels trod

    Upon God's supernatural byway
    Such power, this we laud
    Open our eyes
    To see the Son of God.

    Have a Great Day, Shalom

    1. Open our eyes
      To see the Son of God:
      What advantage we have compared to Jacob!

    2. Yes, indeed. By the way, thanks for stopping by. I'll stop by, on a regular basis. Shalom!


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