Tuesday, 21 June 2016


O Wonderful, Thou hast come here
Where sins had left me ailing;
Where sorrow, death and evil reigned
Thy grace was never-failing;
More wonderful, the previous blood
Flowed when Thy side was riven;
Till grace abounding was revealed
And sinful souls forgiven.
O Counsellor, disciples came
For teaching on the mountain;
The woman of Samaria gained
Thy guidance by the fountain;
Two saints help although their way
Led outward to Emmaus:
Thy word comes still from depth and height
Or where life’s sorrows fray us.

O Mighty God, Thy universe
Is wonderful and spacious;
Yet Thou hast come within its scope
And shown that Thou art gracious;
The Mighty God who dwelt in light
Came near to men in meekness
And so we praise Thee for Thy power
Is perfected in weakness,
O Father of eternity
Thy power shall rule the nations
And all shall flow to Israel
To join their celebrations.
Relationships with God and man
Will have their true connexion
And everything shall gain from Thee
Its temper and complexion.

O Prince of peace, Thou hast brought peace
And reconciliation;
Thy blood and cross secure the ground
Of peace for every nation;
Now righteousness and peace have kissed,
And grace and truth have flourished;
And through the work of peace Thy saints
Are comforted and nourished.

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