Tuesday, 14 June 2016


Behold the Lamb of God who walked
On earth in perfect dignity;
Behold the Lamb of God who died
Because of our iniquity;
Behold the Lamb upon the throne,
Who has been raised and glorified;
Behold the Lamb’s wife who alone
Can grace the day of which He talked.

The heavenly chorus will rejoice
When the Lamb’s wife is at Thy side:
But now before us are the charms
Which Thou, the Bridegroom, dost provide.
The Bridegroom's face lights and delights;
The Bridegroom's grace arms and disarms;
The bridal chorus now unites
In answer to the Bridegroom's voice.

Soon as the bridegroom in his strength
Thou, Sun of Righteousness shalt rise,
To bountifully bless the scene
God purchased through Thy sacrifice;
And all shall flourish in Thy light
While all men’s realms shall be serene,
And all shall be for God’s delight
In height and depths and breadth and length!

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