Friday, 16 December 2016


I cannot tell how much my Saviour loves me -
Love led Him to the uttermost to save,
To bless, to heal, to ransom and to free me;
His love has set me free to be His slave.

I cannot tell how much the Shepherd loves me -
His way was far too hard, His woes too deep
For any other man to comprehend them;
But through them He secured me as His sheep.

I cannot tell how much the Bridegroom loves me
With love which longs to have me at His side;
He cherishes and nourishes me always
As I am part of His resplendent bride.


  1. 'Amen' to this lovely poem David.

  2. Hi. Hope you're well. Happy Christmas!

    (Think the system is letting me enter comments again!)

    Blessed season to you.

  3. What a beautiful poem David, thank you for sharing.


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