Thursday, 2 October 2014


Within the wilderness
Where Satan's power assails
We see Christ in His faithfulness:
Love never fails.

Where men are sick and sad
Christ's constant grace prevails
And makes the poor and helpless glad:
Love never fails.

Against Him all the might
Of man's religion rails
But Christ brings sustenance and light:
Love never fails.

If all man's heart will give
Is scourging, thorns, and nails
He asks the Father to forgive:
Love never fails.

He bears upon the cross
All that God's wrath entails:
We see through wrath and shame and loss
Love never fails.

But joyfully we see
Love is unquenched; what ails
The sea and Jordan that they flee?
Love never fails.

He comes among His own
As One who lives, and hails
His brethren, to whose hearts is shown
Love never fails.

Two thousand years have passed
And still that love avails:
What helps His people to stand fast?
Love never fails.

We wait till He will show
His glory, and unveils
His kingdom, where all men will know
Love never fails.

And when God's power will bring
A scene where nothing stales
The well-loved sons of God will sing
“Love never fails”.

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