Wednesday, 15 October 2014


The Just stands at an unjust throne,
Accused by sinners who disown
The Man who is their King -
The cry Behold the Man! makes known
That Jesus is distinctive.

Three men bore crucifixions shame -
Of One alone could men exclaim
That He did naught amiss -
Myriads for whom Christ died proclaim
That Jesus is distinctive.

Many had lain within the grave,
But One Man death could not enslave
Despite its mighty power;
We know, whom Jesus died to save,
That Jesus is distinctive.

One Man sits now at Gods right hand
By His own right and Gods command
To be Gods great delight.
Saints witness as their hearts expand
That Jesus is distinctive.

Now we await the moment when
Jesus our Lord will come again
And we shall see His face;
Well sing as in His presence then
That Jesus is distinctive.

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