Sunday, 31 July 2011



"The Holy Spirit shall come
Upon thee", the angel said:
Conceived by power from above
In wonders no words can express
The One now known as the Son
Embarked on no path on earth
Unless the Spirit's power worked.

To be baptised in Jordan
Jesus had faithfully come;
After He left the water
Heaven acknowledged His worth:
In form as with a body,
Fashioned as that of a dove,
The Spirit came upon Him.

Then towards the wilderness
The Son of God was driven,
As the Holy Spirit led,
To force the devil's kingdom;
Satan's promptings were dispelled:
Inditings of the Spirit
Must repel the devil's strength".

"I, by the Spirit of God",
He told them, "cast out demons".
Who had the right but the Lord
To exercise His freedom?
Being the Man that He was
The meek, dependent Jesus,

Showed, by the Spirit, God's law.

By the eternal Spirit
He offered Himself to God;
Even that greatest giving
Was dependently performed;
Dying for us, as living,
He must, by the Spirit, accord
Truly with man's condition.

Having brought to them His peace
The Lord as a risen Man
Sent His own forth as in-breathed,
The Spirit within their hearts;
Out of death He did not cease
To use as He gave their charge
Holy Spirit in each deed.

Ascended at God's right hand,
Being the Man that He is,
His primary manward act
Was to establish this link -
The Spirit was sent to hearts
Formed to receive such a gift
To promulgate Love's commands.

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  1. Beautifully hymn about we hardly can understand, but what nevertheless is a corner stone in Christianity.
    The third person in the Holy trinity; The Holy Spirit, everyday a part of our lives.
    It's just too great to comprehend, and even so the Divine link between heaven and earth.


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