Friday, 29 July 2011


How much the Lord appreciates His bride
Who is enough to satisfy His heart -
And what a loving heart the Bridegroom has!
His heart rejoices in her moral worth
Her suitability to Him, and her
Spirit-taught apprehension of Himself.

How much the Bride appreciates the Lord -
His purity and life attract her heart.
He is a banner raised above a host,
His mind concordant with the glory of God
As are His acts and movements.  Purity
Forms speaking or emoting.  He displays
The glorious dignity of righteousness,
The upright mien God looked for in a Man,
She knows Him in the aura of His love
Which suffered once, which answers to her now
The product of His work, on new-found ground:
“Myrrh, aloes, cassia are all thy garments”.

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