Wednesday 2 March 2011


               (for Julian)

Extol the Name of Christ the Lord
    In whom true life begins
The One who bore God’s judgement-stroke
    And took away our sins.

Explain what he has done for you
    To those who do not know
That they may find His blessings, too,
    And with you learn and grow.

Exploit the blessing He provides
    And seek to understand;
And as His Spirit helps and leads
    Enjoy His heavenly land.

Exhibit features of His grace
    Wherever you may go
Till features of your heavenly place
    Shine while you are below.

Exhort His people to delight
    In what the Father gives
As one who walks in paths of light
    Who comforts and forgives.

Exalt the Lamb and sing His praise,
    Rejoice in Him each day;
Pay heed to Him in all your ways,
    Wait for Him, watch, and pray.

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