Saturday, 25 December 2010


Jerusalem rejos for joy:
Jesus, the sterne of most bewte
In thee is rissin as richtous roy,
Fro dirknes to illumyne thee.
With glorius sound of angell gle
Thy prince is borne in Baithlem
Quhilk sall thee mak of thraldome fre.
Illuminare, Jerusalem.

With angellis licht in legionis
Thou art illumynit all about.
Thre kingis of strenge regionis
To thee ar cumin with lusty rout,
All drest with dyamantis but dout,
Reverst with gold in every hem,
Sounding attonis with a schout,
Illuminare, Jerusalem.

The regeand tirrant that in thee rang,
Herod, is exilit and his ofspring,
The land of Juda that josit wrang,
And rissin is now thy richtous king.
So he so mychtie is and ding,
Quhen men his glorius name dois nem,
Hevin erd and hell makis inclyning.
Illuminare, Jerusalem.

His cumming knew all element -
the air be sterne did him persaife:
the water quhen dry he on it went:
the erd that trymlit all and raife:
the sone quhen he no lichtis gaif:
the ceoce quhen it wes done contem:
the stanis qrhen they in pecis claif:
Illuminare, Jerusalem.

The deid him knew that rais upricht
quhilk lang time had the erd lyne undir:
crukit and blind declarit his micht
that helit of thame so mony hundir:
Nature him knew and had grit wundir
quhen he of virgin was orn but wem:
Hell, quhen thair yettis were brokin asundir.
Illuminare, Jerusalem.

I thought I would throw in an anonymous Scots medieval poem today.  It's interesting to see something of this before the Reformation.  maybe I wouldn't go with every word - but the tenor of it is fine, and to the Lord's glory.

Can you understand the language mainly?

Blessings to all readers.


  1. Christma s blessingss to you and your family Brothe r David

  2. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Thank you for visiting my blog.


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