Monday, 27 December 2010


You cannot trust  what other men aver
Nor rest in what  they strenuously assert,
But Jesus was  the witness in Himself
Of everything  He audibly expressed;
The Name of Jesus  requires no epithet
Since in that Name  God’s love is manifest
And in His life  God’s heart is evident
Because obedience  informed each step;
Where love grows cold  and life becomes pretence
Faithful and true  He patiently presents
His endless grace  towards rekindling them:
He is the source  and He is the Amen.

This goes back to the series "Touching the King".


  1. I appreciated your visit and the verses you shared today. The one from Job was especially meaningful to me.

  2. This touches the heart, We can rely on none other than Jesus. God Bless.

  3. if i rely on jesus to do my work for me, ill be sitting by myself broke.


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