Sunday, 20 June 2021

HYMN: Response to Psalm 150

At Glencorse Reservoir, Midlothian

Our God, we praise Thee in Thy sanctuary,

A place Thou has prepared with Thine own hand,

Where Thou art dwelling in complacency,

And where Thy grace has caused Thy saints to stand.

Our God, we praise Thee in Thy firmament

In which Thy power and splendour are arrayed:

All is Thy handiwork; in its extent

Thy glory and Thy blessing are displayed.

Our God, we praise Thee in Thy mighty acts:

Creation and redemption show Thy might.

We fear Thee, yet abundant grace attracts,

And Thou hast made us precious in Thy sight.

 Our God, we praise according to Thy power;

Thy hands would make Thy people great and strong;

To Thee, our Rock, our Refuge, and our Tower

The people Thou hast purchased raise their song.


  1. Amen! Let everything that has breath, Praise the LORD!!!

  2. Amen! let's praise the Lord, everything that has breath, praise the Lord. Well written David, thanks!


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