Wednesday, 5 February 2020


(Written a long time ago; but still needed.)

Lord, as I watch this little lamb
I ask you first to shepherd me
Since as Thy wayward sheep I am
As prone to wandering as he'll be.

Help us to feed among Thy sheep
Where both of us will know Thy care;
Protect us, water us, and keep
Our footsteps from the lion's lair.

But he himself will need to learn
The way his Shepherd had to go
And in his heart himself discern
The reason for his Shepherd's woe.

Help him to learn the Shepherd's voice
And follow in the Shepherd's way
Till he will constantly rejoice
In what his Shepherd has to say.

And bring him safely home at last
Secure eternally from harm
Where no wolves roam and no winds blast
Within the shelter of Thine arm.


  1. Hi David, lovely words.
    I say 'Amen' to this prayer. Strangely enough my last post is about a similar issue. Our Lord is our Redeemer, and may we continue to stay within His body (the church on earth) and encourage one another on our journey to the promised land. (eternal life).
    God bless.

  2. Amen, with you (for my "lost" kids too)

    1. It is a great comfort to know that the Lord is in control!

  3. I hear your sorrow..but there is hope. Amen to this prayer as it is surely God's will..God bless you and your family.


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