Saturday, 10 June 2017


Early on her sixtieth birthday, yesterday

Year 57, the record shows,
Launched both the Sputnik - and the Rose.
In 67 she went by rule
Across the Common to the school.
In 77 she, at my side,
"Sate like a blooming eastern bride".
In 87 we come to see
Her in Hope Cottage, mum of three;
In 97 - man alive! -
She's leading out a brood of five.
07 show a fresh renown
Because she now was Granny Brown;
And now in 17 we find
Her swift of foot and sharp of mind.

But in each stage we gladly say
The Father watched her every day;
The Shepherd bore her on His shoulder
In every step as she grew older;
And through the Holy Spirit's power
She was preserved through every hour:
So if she hits a pair of score
More years, that grace will go before.

On the shores of Loch Lomond

Sharp of mind?

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  1. Great! I love the photos but also the last couplet.


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