Saturday, 1 April 2017


Unarranged, the sensations
Suck by my senses to
My "faulty sensory perception".

Within, further confusion,
The sense of humour

From the core
The sense of sny

O wretched man that I am!
Who shall deliver me
From this body of death?

If what I need is a Deliverer
What I gain also
Is a Master.

If what I need is an Escape
What I gain
Is also a Lord.

If what I need is a Resource
What I have
Is a Head also.


  1. Wonderful poem indicating that we must see Jesus not only as Savior but as Lord. May we obey, follow and glorify Him in all that we do.
    God bless,

  2. Hi David! Our escape means we leave ourselves and cling to a Savior, who has always been in charge anyway. I think this is what you are saying here.
    Being a human means a life of weakness and fault, but God makes glory in us if we accept him. That really is Good News!

  3. Great poem, glad I stopped by.

  4. Kind of sounds like a Davidic Psalm. :-) Honestly, what I get, out of it, is that the H'shem presents himself as the truth, whether it as the Deliverer, Lord and the logical and Spirit given thought, within your head. Great Psalm, David!

  5. Thank you for your comments, being indulgent of some obscurity in the start. I tried the Alexander technique at one time and still try if the muscles nip, and a point of it is that our sensory perception can be flawed. I apply this.
    The sense of any comes in in a poem of Hugh McDiarmid, who is often obscure. I picked it up as suggesting the sense that overrides our senses and unifies them. My sister-in-law dying with a brain tumour told us she couldn't see us or hear us when her reactions showed she could, but this unifying sense was what had gone.
    But the great thing is to see that Christ never just meets our need; that would be wonderful; but He add to that always an attachment to Himself in a new way.

  6. "sense of sny" - I think I was autocorrected!


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