Wednesday, 8 February 2017


Homelessness: Adam's condition,
Ousted from Eden, He took part in
From His moment of birth. A beast has its earth;
A bird its nest; even the sun its tent;
He had nowhere to lay His head.
He must pass by foot the land's length,
Becoming wearied, requesting refreshment,
His feet roughed by shards of stone.
Though always purposefully advancing to that ultimate  
Homelessness; friendlessness  
That through anguish for men He should secure
Never to be lacked, God's concept of home.

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  1. Hey David. Yes, we are all homeless and longing for home. As I read your poem, I couldn't help but think about the song, "People Get Ready" I know you've probably heard it before. However, in case, you haven't. Go here, for a listen. It's my favorite version and it's by one of your compatriots. Keep up the Good Work, my friend.

    People Get Ready-Rod Steward


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