Sunday 18 January 2015


Jehovah showed that He was glad
The daughters of Zelophehad
Claimed their inheritance;
Claim the rich blessings there for you.
Confident that what will ensue
Is heavenly jubilance.

After such fervour it is sad
That those of Reuben and of Gad
Prefer a lower place;
Go on to all the good that's yours
Because of all God's heart assures
In its unbounded grace!

The half tribe of Manasseh found
They too were allocated ground
Upon the eastern bank;
In all the good He will provide,
In land, or family, or bride,
You have the Lord to thank.

Now Moses, at the LORD's command
Climbs Pisgah to survey the land
Where Israel shall dwell;
So, by the Spirit, we may view
The blessings God will bring us to
Since He does all things well.

He saw the end of his pursuit,
Seeing it lived in, yet his foot
Would never tread its loam;
Authority may bring you near
The blessings of the heavenly sphere
But love must draw you home.

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