Monday, 28 October 2013


The divine concept in His heart
- 'My assembly'- He observed the materiel,
Stones from His Rock; His securing
According to purpose and grace. His forming,
Shaping according to what answered
To the heart of God: till the city shines:
The noble devises noble thing.

Himself the product of divine remastering
The apostle Paul, as a wise architect,
Laid the foundation. The noble devises
Noble things: but will my building
Survive the fire? Only as the materiel
Has been won by deep mining:
Gold silver and precious stones.

The noble devises noble things:
See Noah and Jochebed and Moses, devisers
Of arks: despised things in the world,
Treasuries of what was precious to God:
God's creatures nesting from destruction:
One fair-to-god child swaddling
The tables of God's law housing.

From an ignoble root, but grace
Having preserved them, grafted onto
A virtuous shoot, the sons of Korah
Rehearse what they have compose -
The noble devises noble things -
That also which is fruit of grace
Their occupation, 'touching the king'


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