Sunday 13 January 2013


God sought a vessel in whom to work His ways;
By whom His Christ could become incarnate.
Mary was chosen - as filled with God's own grace
To bear that holy Thing and give Him care;
For she accepted the message when it came - 
Without demur she took her burden's weight
Giving no thought to the apparent shame:
What God required she willingly obeyed.
Then from her soul welled up a hymn of praise
To answer God and magnify His Name
Whose love and mercy Mary had proved so great
As He approached in glorious sovereignty.


  1. This piece of writing touches my soul, for it magnifies what The Holy Mother suffered. But, oh, how glad I am, that she did! Wonderful prose!

    1. She suffered - even a sword shall go through thine own soul - but it was only Jesus who suffered to atone for us.


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