Wednesday, 21 November 2012


As Thou dost come amongst Thine own
To draw together every heart
Which Thou through love hast set aglow,
Lord, recognizing who Thou art
"We worship what we know".

Since Thou, the Comforter, hast come
To link us with the realms above
While we are pilgrims here below
Responding to Thy well proved love
"We worship what we know".

Father, as Thou hast been declared
And Thou Thyself hast been revealed
In Him who comes to us to show
Thy love to those the Spirit sealed
"We worship what we know".

Although Thou art beyond our thought
Dwelling in uncreated light
To Thee, O God, our praise flow:
Brought near to be for Thy delight
"We worship what we know".

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