Friday, 6 July 2012


There was a Man
Amid a world lying
In the wicked one; all
He said was true .

Amongst gainsayers,
Self-seekers, and those at enmity
With truth, He could
Be named the Amen.

Among disciples He could start,
As He could with Pharisees,
Sentences of high intent,
"Verily, verily ...".

Before His Father He could
Acknowledge One in glory
And in intimacy as
The only true God.


  1. Hello Mr. Brown

    Those are some very cool words ya got there!
    thank you, for sharing them, and thank you for the comment ya left on my blog.

  2. Very wonderful consideration. Christ is the truth! We read today in Mark 12 about a scribe who listened and judged Jesus to be "Right, teacher". He listened to what Jesus said and the truth of it found a resonance in his own soul and he then says something very beautiful. The truth in Christ finds an answer in the hearts of believers and there is a true response Godward.


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