Monday 12 December 2011


If your way is fresh and bright,
If your way is dank and strange,
If you move from gloom to light
His compassions never change.

Though the way ahead seems dark,
Though the foe seems to prevail,
Or you’re buoyant as a lark
His compassions never fail.

When oppressions press the brain,
When you need a heavenly Friend,
When your heart is full of pain
His compassions never end.

Written during the illness of my sister-in-law Liz: with Christ 12/12/2005 (aged 41)


  1. He never changes. God remains faithful, even when we are unfaihful. H is with us through all the seasons of life

  2. Thank you for sending me this on my blog. It's lovely. Yes. His compassions never end -- they are new every morning. Bless you.


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