Tuesday 9 August 2011


But who has shown the Bride the worth of Christ
And led her to appreciate His grace?
Who makes His presence a reality
And quickens us, and strengthens us, and helps?
The Holy Spirit whom the Father sent.

Considering the Spirit’s patient work
In service to the Lord and to His bride
We honour Him; considering the end
He has achieved we bow; considering
The glory that is personally His
Although He has descended in His grace
We worship, And considering the love
Which motivates His industry, we love.

And He is with us in the Father’s house
Because He is the Spirit of God’s Son
And Spirit of adoption.  He has cried
Within us “Abba, Father” and thus taught
Sons how to speak - and given power to cry:
Give thanks to Him for making sonship real!

And for us to have access to the Father
Is a great wonder - we approach through Christ
And would not wish to come apart from Christ;
While we are strengthened by the Spirit’s power
And could not come without the Spirit’s power.

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