Tuesday, 21 June 2011


See those who have been filled with the same Spirit
Gather together; for as pigeons home
To their own dovecot so they are assembled
Instinctively; because they have one pole
As iron filings shift towards one magnet
They range themselves. Love bonds them all to Him.

For they have come to call their Lord to mind
In His own way; imagination would
Dye, gild and forge to ignorantly mar
With human artifice. His way is simple.

Do you desire to know the love of Christ?
“My body” He has said, “Given for you”:
And what a body! “Thou preparedst me
A body” - God in tender wisdom digged
Ears, and formed limbs, all of the Holy Thing.
In the reality of human weakness
God cared for it: as swaddled in the manger,
Or wrapped in linen in the tomb.  Between
What excellence in use of such a body!
Daily His ears were opened, His hands subject,
His feet were beautiful, treading God’s way
Through deserts, towns or pastures - towards the cross.

And do you wish to know the love of God?
“This is my blood” Christ said: for it was shed
For many that men’s sins might be remitted.
And how God values Jesus’ precious blood
So that a universe which suits God’s heart
Will have the blood as its secure foundation.
And there the love of God will be displayed
Unhinderedly.  And that unhindered love
Flows now towards the saints which it has bought
Who cherish the new covenant in His blood.

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  1. Lovely reminder of how priceless and the worth of the blood of Jesus...it really touched me.


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