Saturday, 14 May 2011


We often sing the line
“Father, to Thee we now draw near”,
Yet freshly thrill to find God thought this blessing should be mine,
And even more to apprehend it is  to satisfy God’s heart that we are here.
We do not come alone -
“With Christ the Firstborn to appear”.
Each one has been a living stone drawn to the Corner Stone -
The Son who gives the character to all  that has its part in God’s eternal sphere.

Since we are now His sons
“The double portion we enjoy”;
He chose us before time was to draw us near as heavenly ones;
The Father gave His Spirit in our hearts  which, in His presence makes our spirits buoy.

And now we know a place
“Where endless praise our lips employ”;
Warmed by paternal love as brought here by transcendent grace,
We magnify the Father’s glorious Name  within a place where sin cannot alloy,

“And ‘Abba Father’ cry”.

You will find the hymn that I am quoting throughout at:


  1. I love the term "Abba" as it is like saying Daddy... Good post!

  2. "We magnify the Father’s glorious Name within a place where sin cannot alloy." That's a beautiful line.



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