Saturday, 1 October 2022


On the whale-route between Lewis and Ullapool

The Ocean-master, Lord of whale-routes,

Could come to be buffeted by winds,

Asleep on a boat.


But nothing could prevent

The Lord of wind and waves from

Making waves His path.


(Gearrannan junction 3 June 2022)


Confined to Israel, His recalcitrant people,

His grace ensured crumbs from the table

Reached Gentile dogs.


Birds had nests; and the foxes their earth;

Mem, palaces and hovels; but the Son of Man

Had no place on earth.


Yet what did it mean

To Him, that He could spend His nights

Abroad on the Mount of Olives?


(Stornoway, Loch Seaforth 4 June 2022)


Babes only He consorted with, fishers,

Yet His time and patience made them truly

The wise and prudent.


Thus the footsteps of Jesus funnelled

To Israel narrowed in His straitening

Towards Jerusalem.


The city of the great King, Jerusalem;

How He desired that the murderous city

Should rather nestle to Him!


The Eternal One, entering His creation

Found the time limits He accepted

Meant His time must come.


(Loch Seaforth, The Minch)

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